Modules and Data Access

Data Access


Data Request Form


Access to study descriptions, method reports, questionnaires, and other related documentations is free and does not require registration. However, users must go through data access procedures below.

1) Login
The first-time user of EASSDA must create an EASS account and log into one’s own account. To obtain an EASSDA account, each user is required to provide personal information and create one’s own ID and Password. EASSDA membership is available only to individuals. Individual members include students, scholars, and researchers. To be a member, please fill out User Registration Form.

2) Data Request
After logging in with the EASSDA account, user must fill out Data Request Form. EASSDA will review the submitted Data Request Form and inform the user of how to access to EASS data.

3) Data Download
User must agree User Agreement after submitting Data Request Form. User can receive data from EASSDA by direct download only.